About me and this project

Hi everybody,

who am I and why am I doing this?

I stutter. I started when I was a teenager and although I stutter much less, it still hunts me on occasions. I do know the pain and suffering that a stutterer has to live through first-hand and I would not wish it upon any of my enemies (well, may be the worst kind).

I am 32 y.o., I have a PhD in particle physics, three years of postdoctoral research in Experimental Particle Physics, and now I am a research staff at one of the leading Universities. For 9 years I have been doing research at the leading laboratories. I am fluent in two foreign languages and I graduated summa cum laude both from high school, university and the foreign languages school. I fight all the time and I perserviere.

I believe it is immoral to take advantage of people who stutter.

I am employed and I have good job with a decent salary and I am not interested in making money off the people with parkinson or stuttering.

Hopefully, with some help from the sympathetic community I will be able to lift this project off the gound and provide a fully functionning anti-stuttering device at a cost which is a fraction of its for-profit counterparts.


4 Responses to “About me and this project”

  1. Adam Wolf Says:

    Hi Alexei!

    I am a stutterer. I am also a member of the open source hardware community. Last year, I developed a DAF device for less than $50 in parts for a single prototype! I also have no desire to profit from this…

    Send me an email and maybe we can discuss this!

  2. eric Says:

    Alexey – It’s puzzling that you’re remaining anonymous on Tom’s blog and here.

    My own inclination is to be very suspicious of anyone who’s anonymous. Who is this guy… what’s he up to … what’s he hiding … how is he going to try to take my money, etc.

    Maybe there’s a legitimate reason. If so, why not just explain what it is. You’d do better with your public – your readers, your fans, your potential customers? – if you at least explain why you want to stay under cover.

    • alexey Says:

      Eric! Did you read my (albeit short) About Me? I have a government job and have no need in making money, not this way! Moreover it will be open source and open hardware….

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